Daddy Mac Viper Lures Series

We're optimistic that you'll be just as excited about the Daddy Mac Viper Lures Series as we are once you see all that it has packed in 1.5 ounces. 

Not Just Nice to Look At

 The Viper Series comes in a variety of looks and colors, with the Minnow series containing 9 different colors and looks for wide use. Each lure features a gorgeous coating and scale-like appearance that may even fool an unsuspecting human. 

A pretty coat and shine isn't what really counts, as we all know, but fortunately, the Viper Series has the show to back the talk, with practical features that go beyond the two brushed nickel hooks.

You may already be familiar with the 3-9 inch lure, which is the most popular of all the series and sees use mostly in fresh water. We have heard tale, however, of its success in fresh water catching the likes of perch, bass, pickerel, pike, salmon, and lake trout.  

Leading the Industry

The Daddy Mac Viper Series lure is on the cutting edge of lure technology, with one of the most innovative lures on the market being the Viper's Minnow series. Daddy Mac Viper Minnow Series lures, for example, boast a 35 lb. breaking strength — a feat that is achieved by the Kevlar band that composes its core.

This Kevlar band also allows the flexibility and smoothness of movement as the lure moves along, giving it the genuine appearance of a swimming fish. You can see these in action on our home page

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